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24/7 Trading Explained

On Morpher you can trade your favorite markets 24/7, however it’s important to know how trading across different asset classes at different times affects pricing.

With exception to the cryptocurrency market, which trades 24/7, all markets open and close at different times.

Stock markets will normally be split into three periods: the pre-market, intraday, and after-hours sessions. During pre-market and after-hour trading volume subsides, and prices move less frequently. You can trade during this period, but make sure you pay attention to how the spread changes. The stock market is also closed during certain hours of the night, and on weekends, however you can still enter and exit positions freely, even though the price won’t move.

Commodity futures have varying opening times, with some markets starting to trade as early as Sunday night. Regardless of whether the markets are open or closed, you can always trade commodities.

Foreign Exchange markets trade 24 hours a day, but are closed on the weekends.

Why trade if the price isn't moving? Important news can strike at any moment, even when the market is closed. On Morpher you have the advantage of being able to trade before other traders react and the price starts moving when the market opens.

Updated on: 14/07/2021

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