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Account Tiers

What are tiers?

Tiers are user account levels. The higher your tier, the more access you have to features on Morpher.

By accessing your Settings Page you can check your Tier, and what actions you can take to graduate to the next Tier.

Tier 1

You officially have a Tier 1 level account if you have signed up on Morpher.
This is the most basic level, and it gives you access to:
One-time bonus of 100 MPH.
Trading enabled across all markets.
Access to market prices and charting.
Maximum account value of 1,000 MPH.

Tier 2

To become a Tier 2 user you will need to complete an identity verification process to prove your identity. This is a simple step that you can learn more about here.

As a Tier 2 user you will eligible to:
Claim referral bonuses from inviting your friends.
Fund your account.
Earn up to $100 a day in deposit bonuses.
No limits on account balance.

See Funding Limits to check daily/weekly/yearly deposit limits.

Tier 3

Once you become a Tier 2 user it's easy to level up again. To become a Tier 3 user all you need to do is deposit $10 worth of MPH into your account.

Tier 3 users gain access to the following features:
Full account access and control of funds.
Withdraw free funds, and bonuses earned from referrals.
Redeem all trading returns and convert to USD.
Stake funds from trading account and earn 11% APY

See How Savings / Staking Works to learn more about staking.

Updated on: 16/12/2022

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