There are a number of different way to fund your account on Morpher.


Morpher now supports deposits via PayPal, and will give you a 10% bonus on top of your purchase. However, your withdrawals will be restricted for 185 days. You can still use the platform, and trade, but you wont be able to withdraw your tokens.

To buy MPH tokens using PayPal:
Navigate to the Funds page.
Click "**Deposit and Earn**".
Enter the amount of tokens you would like to buy and read the purchase agreement conditions.
Click Continue.

Not only do you earn 10% of what you deposit when using PayPal, but you also avoid paying any Ethereum gas fees.

Deposit Tokens

If you have bought Morpher tokens on an exchange like or Uniswap, and want to use them to fund your account, then you will need to transfer them from the mainchain to the Morpher sidechain.

Simply navigate to the Funds page.
Click Add Funds.
Select Send MPH to Morpher.
Transfer your MPH to the address indicated in the window.
Now, you will need to move your MPH from the mainchain to the sidechain, so make sure you have some ETH to cover the gas fees.
Enter the amount of MPH you would like to deposit.
Click Deposit.

Credit & Debit Card Transactions

This method is still experimental and may not work with every bank/card issuer.
If you want to buy MPH tokens, and stay perfectly liquid, while avoiding dealing with ETH gas fees, then you may want to consider this option.

Go to the Funds page.
Under Regular Account Funding select Debit/Credit Card.
Enter your card details as you would with any online transaction.
Click Review Deposit.
Confirm your transaction, and follow any instructions that appear on the screen. Some banks require extra authorization, while with others the payment may go through instantly.

Check Funding Limits to see daily/weekly/yearly limits for credit card and PayPal deposits.
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