We give every verified user an airdrop of Morpher tokens for free so that they can start trading on our platform. Not only does it allow you to get started building your portfolio right away, but it's important to us that our supply of tokens is well distributed.

Once you successfully register, and are verified, you can claim your tokens by going to the airdrop page on the platform.

The amount of Morpher tokens you can receive in an airdrop depends on when you signed-up and were verified. Our airdrop campaign began in March, with our earliest supporters and beta-testers being eligible to receiver higher rewards than are currently distributed. Once we launched Morpher to the world in August, we decreased the airdrop amount so that all new users receive the same amount.

You can only claim your airdrop reward once ! We check extensively for duplicate accounts, and any attempt to game or manipulate our airdrop reward system will result in the termination of your account.
How many tokens will be distributed total?
We have allocated 50% of our total 1 Billion MPH supply towards airdrop distributions. This includes both initial airdrop amounts, loyalty, and referral bonuses.

How long will the airdrop last?
With 500 million MPH tokens to distribute, we assume that the airdrop program will continue well into 2023.

How can I earn more tokens?
You can refer other users by sharing your personal referral link with them. If they complete the registration, you get tokens. Learn more about our referral programme here.

Can I withdraw my airdrop?
You can only withdraw your airdrop if you have previously made a deposit. More details here.
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