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You can earn more tokens by inviting others to start trading on Morpher using your unique referral invite link.

Simply go to your Rewards page and click on referrals, and scroll down to find your custom link.

Reward Structure

There are a few conditions that must be met in order for you to receive your referral bonus for referring a user:

1) The user must sign-up using your link.
It's not enough for you to tell us that they signed-up because of you, they have to use your link when registering. If they don't then the user will not count towards your referrals.

2) The user has at least a Tier 2 level account (The user has to finish the KYC procedure and be verified).
The person that you referred has to complete the entire KYC procedure and be verified. There are certain countries that are not permitted to trade on Morpher, and therefore we must check everyone's identities on registration. If the user you referred is rejected for any reason, you will not earn a referral bonus for that user.

3) The user has to claim their airdrop first.
You can only earn your referral bonus if the user claims their own tokens. All tokens available to be claimed can be found on the Rewards page.

Once a user met all three requirements you should be able to redeem your referral bonus on the Rewards page.

You are only allowed to have one account on Morpher. Any attempts to manipulate or game the referral system will result in the termination of your account.

How many users can I invite?

There is no limit on how many users you would like to invite. Please note that our support team actively investigates all suspicious referral activities.

What countries are excluded from participating in the airdrop?

You can find a list of countries that Morpher does not support here.

I represent a big crypto community, can we collaborate?

We are open to cooperations with other communities, especially where our interests in trading and blockchain intersect. If you have an offer for us please reach out to us here.

How many tokens can you earn per referral?

The referral reward is currently 50 MPH per referred user.

Morpher's referral rewards have changed since they were first introduced. In the beginning, referral rewards only required a user to have successfully had their identity verified. However, this has since changed, and above you can find the most updated version of the referral program structure. If you signed-up before September 2020 it is possible that you received more tokens than users have been receiving since. As a reminder, the referral bonus, much like the airdrop, is subject to change.

Updated on: 07/03/2022

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