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Morpher Tokens, abbreviated as MPH, power our unique trading platform. MPH is used as the currency for all investments. All trades are denominated in and settled in MPH, instead of something like USD or Bitcoin. This means you need MPH to place a trade, and your returns/losses are also paid out in MPH.

The entire Morpher protocol and platform are built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. So MPH is also built on Ethereum, it's a cryptocurrency following the ERC20 token standard. ERC20 has become ubiquitous, so every cryptocurrency you know (other than Bitcoin) is likely an ERC20 token also. The popularity of the ERC20 token standard makes MPH natively compatible with most crypto wallets and crypto exchanges.

Token Distribution

At the token creation event 1 Billion MPH tokens were generated. They were allocated as follows:

50% of the total initial supply is reserved to be distributed among users via airdrop for several months after protocol launch.
30% of the total initial supply is the company treasury and controlled by Morpher; 10% for Governance, 6% as liquidity reserve, and 14% in the Escrow contract)
20% are allocated to the team and investors; 12.5% are controlled by Draper Associates (cold storage), and 7.5% are controlled by Morpher’s founders and team


A fair and even token distribution among the users of a protocol maximizes its utility and value for everyone. Hence, Morpher aims to distribute token among natural persons with a high probability of becoming long term users of its protocol rather than among investors with no intention of ever using the protocol. A more even token distribution leads to higher stability and greater resilience against price manipulation.
Morpher will distribute 50% of the total initial token supply as signup, referral, and loyalty bonuses (collectively the ‘airdrop’) among its users in the months after the protocol launch. Upon completing registration on Morpher, new users receive a free token allocation to their wallet. This enables them to use the trading platform right away without any financial risk. Additional free tokens can be received for referring new users to Morpher.

Loyalty Rewards

Over 300 million MPH Token, or 30% of the total initial supply, will be paid out to active users over time as loyalty reward.

The definition of an active user may change over time at Morpher’s sole discretion to best reward loyal users and HODLers of MPH while preventing an abuse of the loyalty bonus. Morpher does not currently plan to publish the criteria for qualification as active user to avoid gaming the loyalty reward system.

The airdrop/referral program will be continued, constantly re-evaluated, and adjusted if necessary, until a total of 500m tokens (50% of the initial supply) are distributed.

Updated on: 13/09/2023

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