Common Issues
If you're having problems submitting your verification code for 2-step, please try these tips first:

Update your browser
Clear cache and restart browser
Using a mobile authenticator? Make sure your mobile device is up to date.
Make sure the time (clock) on your device is correct.

Not Receiving Email Code

Please check your Spam folder. Give it a few minutes and check your inbox again.

Lost Email Access

If you enabled 2-step email verification and lost access to your email address, please go through the recovery process below.

Lost Authenticator/Device

If you no longer have your 2-step device or the authenticator app, you may still be able to access your 2FA codes. Follow these instructions for Authy and Google Authenticator.

Still can't access your authenticator app? Please go through the recovery process below.

Recover Account with 2-Step

If you did not complete KYC on Morpher, recovery is very unlikely. We can't disable 2-step without verifying your identity.
Please email with the subject line Lost 2-Step Access. Users that completed KYC in the app can recover their account by verifying their identity. Our support team will guide you through the process & next steps.
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