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Recovering Your Wallet (Forgot Password)

This only applies for Morpher Wallet. Check these links for help with Fortmatic or Metamask.

Forgot Your Password?

Morpher Wallet lets you reset your password if you set up trusted recovery. Just log in to your trusted Google/Facebook/VK account and you'll be able to change your wallet password.

2-Step Verification

Trusted account recovery does not work if you lose access to your 2-step verification method.
If 2-step is enabled, you have to enter a verification code before doing account recovery. 2-Step verification is an extra security measure, trusted recovery cannot override it. Having issues with 2-step verification? See the troubleshooting page.

Troubleshooting Recovery

Recovery Unavailable

One reason recovery may not be working is if you never added a trusted backup account. If you never set this up, you will not be able to recover your password. Morpher Wallet is non-custodial: you are in control of your private keys and funds. This provides maximum security since we cannot unlock your wallet.

Wrong Recovery Method

You have to log in to the same recovery service that you set up. For example if you connected your Google account to Morpher Wallet, you need to log in to Google to recover your password. If you have accounts with Google and Facebook and VK, please try logging in to multiple services.

You can add multiple accounts for Trusted Recovery, like Google and Facebook.

Wrong Account

You might be trying to connect to the wrong account on Google/Facebook/VK. For example, if you have multiple Google accounts, please try to log in with another Google account.

Updated on: 21/03/2023

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