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Morpher is a trading platform and a market protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain. We virtualize investing by rebuilding the financial markets from the ground up on the blockchain. This enables trading a wide universe of assets with infinite liquidity, and zero fees. Morpher is the first platform that does not require counterparties, middlemen, or any custodians to facilitate trading. More importantly our mission is to democratize investing by making it available to everyone at zero cost.

No Counterparty: Our platform doesn't rely on trading counterparties, no middlemen to take fees just to execute a buy or sell.

Infinite Liquidity: You can trade any market at any time, no matter if there's someone willing to take the other side. Read more about infinite liquidity here.

No Slippage: Perfect trade execution, high volatility doesn't affect your trade price.

Fractional Trading: Simply select the amount you want to place on each trade, regardless of the asset price. Learn more about fractional trading here.

Long & Short: Forget about short sell interest expenses and go short on any market.

Leverage: Trade with up to 10x leverage. Learn about trading with leverage here.

Stealth Trading: Trades you make on Morpher never affect the underlying asset, like a perfect dark-pool.

Zero Fees: No custodial account fees, no trading fees, no commissions, and no activity fees. The market-standard spread takes care of transaction costs. Even no Ethereum gas fees when using our app and sidechain.

No Minimum Account Size: There is no minimum capital requirement to start trading.

Global Markets & Global Access: International markets made accessible for almost everyone around the world.

Instant Trade Settlement: No slippage or market movement means your order is filled/executed entirely at the current market price.

Updated on: 13/12/2023

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