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Making Your First Trade

Trading on Morpher is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Morpher is different from other brokers and trading platforms in that you have more freedom to trade the way that you want. In this guide we will walk you through finding a market, placing a trade, and then closing it.

Step 1: Find Your Market

The first thing you have to do is to identify what market you want to trade. On the left-hand sidebar, under Markets, you can see the different categories of markets that are available: stocks, cryptocurrency, commodities, foreign exchange, indices, and uniques.

Market selection sidebar

Click on the market category that you are interested in and it will bring up a list of all the tradeable assets. You can browse these pages to find the market that you are looking for and click on it. If you already know what market you want to trade, click on the search bar at the top of the page and type its name or symbol and press on it from the drop-down list.

Step 2: Place a Trade

Once you have navigated to your market of choice, you will see the market page. Here you can see the price history of the market over different periods of time. You can click through the various time periods to see how this market performed.

On the right-hand side is the trade window.

On Morpher there are two types of trades that you can make: Long (Buy) and Short (Sell). If you want to go Short a market (profit from a decrease in its price), then you should select the Sell tab. By default the Buy tab will be pre-selected when you open the page.

Check out this page to learn more about order types on Morpher.

Open position on the Morpher platform

Notice that next to the market’s symbol you can also see whether the market is trading or not, indicated by the market’s status. When the market is Closed, in Pre-Market or After-Hours, the graph of the market becomes flat. The chart only moves when the market is actively trading. You can still open a position outside of regular market hours, and your trade will be placed at the first incoming tick when the market opens.

Once you have decided whether to go Long or Short, it is time to select the amount with which you want to trade. Once you click on the amount box you will see a message appear that displays your available funds. Both the available funds and the amount box are expressed in MPH tokens. Morpher’s fractional trading capabilities mean that you do not need to worry about converting the price or your token amount to any other units. Simply choose how many tokens you would like to commit to the position.

Below the amount box you can see the current market price at which you can place the trade. If you hover your cursor over this price you will see that it also includes the spread.

Directly underneath the market price you will see the leverage slider. Leverage allows you to increase your position exposure by effectively borrowing MPH tokens. It increases your potential gains, but also losses. You can read more about leverage here and remember that a leverage of 1 is the same as no leverage.

Now that you’ve set up your leverage and have typed in the token amount, you are ready to place the order. Press the large button in the trade window, which will be green if you’re going long, and red if you’re going short.

Press the button again to confirm the transaction.

Now you should see a pop-up prompting you to confirm your trade. Depending on your wallet provider you may be asked to login again. When you’re ready press the green confirm button.

Congratulations! You just made your first trade.

Step 3: Close the Position

Now that you’ve placed a trade, navigate over to your Portfolio by clicking the button under account in the left-hand sidebar.

You should see your position in the market listed in the table below your portfolio history chart.

Note that as you place multiple trades within the same market they will be aggregated together into one position, with all of the parameters and inputs summarized in one row.

Click on the trade you just made in the list, and it should take you back to the market page.

You will see when opening the page of the market that you already have a position in, that right below the trade window you can see your active position.

To close the trade hit the Close Position button.

Position details window

Depending on whether your exposure was Long or Short in the market, you will close the position by making an identical opposite trade. Confirm by pressing either Sell Now or Buy Now, depending on what kind of trade you are closing.

If you are attempting to close your position outside of market hours, the trade will execute when first tick of the trading session is registered.

Now you should see a pop-up prompting you to confirm your trade. Depending on your wallet provider you may be asked to login again. When you’re ready press the green confirm button.

Transaction confirmation

You have now closed the position and should see your balance change at the top of the screen.

You can also close part of your trade. To learn how, check out this guide on order types.

This is the only way of closing your positions entirely. If you try to close a position by simply performing the opposite trade yourself, instead of pressing the Close button, you will be creating another trade that simply goes in the opposite direction.

Updated on: 13/12/2023

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