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Order Types

There are two different types of trades that you can make on Morpher.

Buy Order: When you “go Long” or Buy an asset, you are expecting that the price of the market is going to increase and stand to benefit proportionally.

Sell Order: A Sell order, or “going Short”, is when you stand to benefit from a decrease in the price of a market. A sell order can be placed anytime, without having an existing position. Selling against an open buy position is not the same as closing a position.

To close a trade, click on the market in your portfolio, and click “Close Order”.

Partial Close

If you want to close part of your position, then you need to click on the order opposite of your position. Meaning, if you want to close 50% of your Long position, you will need to click "Sell" and select 50%.

If you want to close part of a Short position, then click "Buy" and select the percent of the trade you intend to close.

Updated on: 20/07/2021

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