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How Savings / Staking Works

The Morpher Savings account is a way to earn guaranteed returns on your MPH. It's like a virtual savings account that pays out in crypto. You can deposit any funds from your trading account cash balance into Morpher Savings and earn 11% APY.


Users must be "Investor" or "Mogul" level in order to use Morpher savings (learn more about account levels here)

Rate of Return

All staked MPH is credited with 0.03% tokens daily. These returns are based on your initial deposit (stake) amount, they are non-compounding. Over a year your expected gains are 10.95% (hence the 11% APY estimate).

The rewards do not increase your initial deposit (non-compounding). Earnings are paid out in MPH when you withdraw (unstake).

Lockup Period

You have to wait 30 days after staking before you can withdraw (unstake). Every time you stake the 30 day lockup is applied to your funds again. You can withdraw at any time once 30 days have passed since your last deposit (stake).

How it Works

The Morpher Savings account is actually a type of crypto staking on Morpher Sidechain. The effect is the same as an interest-bearing savings account, that is denominated in MPH.

The Staking Process

Stake MPH (deposit from cash balance).
Entire stake is locked for 30 days.
Every day, 0.03% of initial amount added to your stake (in MPH).
Unstake your deposit along with all the MPH gained.

Reviewing the MorpherStaking smart contract can give you insights into how we make Savings possible. Please note, that due to the lack of internal floating point representation and the calculation of returns on a daily basis, your total expected return after unstaking could vary +/- 0.03%.

Staking and Tokenomics

Staking rewards are minted daily as part of Morpher's inflationary tokenomics. The rate of return of staking is directly linked to margin interest. Over time margin interest fees and staking rewards may become linked, bringing greater balance to our overall tokenomics.


Your savings account is denominated in MPH, not in USD or a fiat currency. That means your returns are not dollar neutral, your returns are only guaranteed in MPH.

Note: Any references to 11% APY are rounded up from 10.95% expected return over a 365 day period.

Updated on: 12/09/2023

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