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Account Levels

What are account levels?

Account levels are the measure of a user’s progression through the platform. The higher your level is, the more access you have to features on Morpher. By accessing your Settings Page you can check your level and what actions you can take to graduate to the next level.


You are automatically assigned the Novice level once you sign up on Morpher.

"Novice" is the most basic level, and it allows you to:
Claim up to 10 referral bonuses
Deposit using crypto, credit card or PayPal
Manage a portfolio of up to $300 USD in value


To reach the Investor level, you will need to deposit at least $50 into your account.

As an "Investor" user, you are eligible to:
Claim up to 50 referral bonuses
Withdraw to exchanges or wallets
Earn 11% APY with Morpher Savings
Manage a portfolio of up to $300 USD in value

See How Savings / Staking Works to learn more about staking.


Once you reach the investor level it's easy to level up again. To reach the Mogul level, all you need to do is complete KYC and have a verified account in order to be able to manage a portfolio of over $300 USD.

Once reaching an account value of $300 or you deposit over $300 dollars, you will be asked to complete KYC before withdrawing your funds.

As a "Mogul", you gain access to the following features:
Claim unlimited referral bonuses
Manage a portfolio of any size

See Funding Limits to check daily/monthly/yearly deposit limits.

Updated on: 22/11/2023

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