When you first register on Morpher you automatically create a wallet. You are provided with two choices; a Metamask or a Fortmatic wallet. When you log in to Morpher, it's important to understand that you are logging in using your wallet.

This is because trading on Morpher involves interacting with your tokens, which are sent to your wallet any time you have a gain on a trade, or reedem your airdrop or referral bonus.

Morpher cannot help you recover lost credentials. Your wallet is your own responsibility.

So, to log in your have to use the same wallet login as the wallet that you created. Fortmatic and Metamask are two very different wallets, in that Fortmatic is made for simple use, and Metamask is built for advanced blockchain users. You can always switch from Fortmatic to Metamask, but not the other way around.

Logging in to your account

When you want to login to Morpher, navigate to https://trade.morpher.com.

If you're a Fortmatic user, click the green Log In button with the blue Fortmatic icon on it.

If you're a Metamask user, click "Select a different wallet". Then click "Log In with Metamask".

Troubleshooting Login Issues

Here we're going to break down possible issues preventing you from accessing your account.

I can't login - Fortmatic

When you login Fortmatic will first ask you for your e-mail. If this e-mail is already in use by a Fortmatic account, then it will prompt you to enter your password. Once you have entered your password you will be prompted to enter a 6-digit verification code.

If you enter your e-mail and Fortmatic prompts you to register - that means the e-mail you supplied doesn't have a wallet, and therefore doesn't have a Morpher account. Check your spelling and punctuation in the e-mail address you entered. Morpher does not support multiple accounts, so if you try to create a new profile we will reject any incoming documents and you will not be verified. If you see Fortmatic is guiding you through a sign-up process - turn back, you've entered the wrong e-mail.

By default, if you have not configured your 2FA preferences, you will be sent a 6-digit code to your Fortmatic-linked e-mail account. If you enter this code correctly, you will successfully log in.

Email Already Linked to Wallet
If you encounter the error message: "The e-mail address john@doe.com is already linked to wallet 0x000", please follow this guide.

Authentication Failed
If you enter your password incorrectly Fortmatic will not tell you, and will present you with the error: "Authentication Failed". Please try again or reset your Fortmatic password.

If you enter the 6-digit code incorrectly, Fortmatic will also present you with the error: "Authentication Failed". Please try logging in again.

Problem Authenticating with Provider
You might encounter the error: "Sorry there's a problem authenticating your account through our provider."
In this case there's nothing that you or we can do. There appears to be a problem with Fortmatic, and they can't sign you in right now. Please try again later.

Are you tired of using Fortmatic and want more features? Learn how to switch your wallet to Metamask.

I can't login - Metamask

Metamask isn't prone to many login errors because it's essentially hosted locally within your browser or device. However, because it requires a bit more experience and an understanding of how blockchain works, it can be confusing.

"Wrong Nework"
Metamask let's you switch between multiple networks. If you see an error message point to an incorrect network you need to either select the Morpher sidechain from the network list, or add it manually again. Start by clicking on your Metamask browser extension, then you should see a selected network right above your wallet address. In most cases it will say "Ethereum Main Net", or "Morpher Sidechain".

If you don't see Morpher sidechain when you click on the dropdown, then you will need to add it manually.

Select Networks, click "Custom RPC", and enter the following details:
Network Name: Morpher
Network RPC URL: https://sidechain.morpher.com
Chain ID: 21

"Invalid Chain ID"
You need to reconfigure your Morpher Sidechain RPC to the correct chain ID.
Select Networks, click "Custom RPC", and set the Chain ID to 21.
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