Fortmatic to Metamask

Fortmatic is a great wallet if you're new to crypto and want to be distant from all the technical aspects of blockchain. However, you will quickly realize that you give up a lot of control for that luxury. The biggest downside of Fortmatic is that you don't have control over your Private Key. Fortmatic keeps it safe, and let's you access it with your username and password, but if you want to export it - Fortmatic closes your account. Other providers, like Metamask, give you complete control over your tokens. If you're fed up with Fortmatic, making the switch isn't hard.

You cannot switch back to Fortmatic from Metamask.


You need to login to your Fortmatic wallet and export your private key. Either go to and click "Open Crypto Wallet", or login to your wallet on

Export your private key. This process is irreversible. Download the JSON file from Fortmatic and save it somewhere safe. Never share your private key with anyone.

Download the Metamask browser extension and create a Metamask account.

Once you have created a Metamask account, click the Menu button and select 'Import Wallet'.

Select JSON from the dropdown, and upload the private key file you received from Fortmatic.

Once this is complete, you will be able to continue to use your same wallet on Morpher.

You will need to add a Custom RPC network to Metamask to be able to connect to the Morpher sidechain.

Select Networks, click "Custom RPC", and enter the following details:

Network Name: Morpher
Network RPC URL:
Chain ID: 21

If you still have trouble contact

If you are logged into Morpher, first log out. Click "Select Different Wallet' on the Login page and choose Metamask.

You will now use Metamask to login to your account, and no longer have a Fortmatic account.
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