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Supported Countries

As both a fintech and a EU-based company, Morpher has to comply with regulations which may affect your access to the platform. While we try to be as inclusionary as possible, we must limit access to certain countries for a number of reasons. Below is an exhaustive list of the countries that are not currently supported by Morpher, as well as possible explanations to why that is the case.

If you're from a restricted country, using a VPN will not work. Every user on Morpher submits identification documents that are used to determine whether they come from a supported region or not, in order to have full access to the platform.

If you are a user from an unsupported country, please keep in mind that your account is at risk of being blocked until you provide an ID from a supported country by completing KYC.

Countries Limited or Unsupported Right Now

Here's a list of all the countries we do not support:
American Samoa
Northern Mariana Islands
North Korea
Puerto Rico
United States
US Virgin Islands

Why is my country not supported?

There are a number of reasons why your country may not be supported.

We have temporarily restricted access due to overwhelming demand, so as to give users a chance from other countries.

We have detected an overwhelming amount of fraudulent activity coming from users of this country and have temporarily restricted new signups.

We cannot render our services in that country due to its own financial regulations.

Is this list permanent?

As you might assume it takes time to navigate bureaucratic and regulatory hurdles in order to provide users with access to the platform. With that said, our mission is to democratize access to finance, and we are working hard to welcome as many countries as possible to Morpher.

I am already registered, but my country has become restricted - what should I do?

If we choose to restrict access for users from a specific country for non-regulatory reasons then you will still have access to your account and enjoy full functionality. You will be able to refer additional users, and earn token rewards, however only from supported countries.

Updated on: 14/09/2023

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