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Email Address Already Linked to Wallet

For those that encounter the following error message at login:

The e-mail address is already linked to fortmatic wallet 0x00000. Please log in using this wallet.
This means the wallet you're logging into does not match the one we have on record.

Exported Private Key

Have you ever exported your private key in Fortmatic wallet? Fortmatic automatically closes your account after you export - this means next time you login, they are generating a completely new/different wallet.

You'll have to find your json wallet export, and import it into Metamask to continue using Morpher. Please follow our guide on how to Switch Wallets to Metamask.

Wrong Email Address

Another cause for this error could be that the email you signed up with on Morpher, is different from the email you used when creating your wallet.

You'll need to find that other email account, the best way is to try password reset with emails you commonly use: here

Be careful trying to login with another email/password. Fortmatic automatically creates a wallet when it detects a new email. The signup/login flow in Fortmatic looks the same! You will need to try password reset to truly test if you already had an account.

Updated on: 19/12/2022

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