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Account Deletion & Data Removal

Deleting Your Account

You can delete your account by navigating to the Settings page, and pressing on the Delete Account button.
The account deletion process consists of three steps.

Account deletion window

To confirm your account deletion, you have to input a six-digit OTP which will be sent to your email.

OTP input pop-up for account deletion

Any open trades or staking positions must be closed.

Position closing confirmation

This is done automatically, once you press the Close Positions button.

Once your positions are closed, you can proceed to delete your account by pressing the Delete Account button.

Account deletion confirmation
This action is irreversible! Once you confirm, the account deletion will process immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What happens to my data?
All personal data associated with your email address will be removed from our user databases. This includes personal details such as name, ID and email. You will no longer receive any marketing communications from us, nor will any of your information be made available to any of our partners.

As a financial services platform, we have reporting obligations to financial regulators and tax authorities. In order to fulfill our obligations, a secure copy of your account details will be stored separately under the supervision of our privacy officer. These account details will only be accessed for the sole purpose of sharing with the appropriate regulators in the event it's requested or required per our reporting obligations. Account details include:
Records of your KYC information (such as full name, birthday, address, and photo ID)
Email address
Trade and transaction history
Cryptocurrency redemption history (such as referral rewards)

Your email may be used to contact you concerning obligatory financial disclosures or important tax documents.

Applicable to users who have submitted a KYC profile after September 7th 2023: The KYC provider - SumSub - does not automatically delete user data once you have deleted your account. If you would like SumSub to delete your data, please contact their support team, or contact them via the following email:

Will I be able to sign-up again using the same wallet?
Yes, you will be able to sign-up using the same wallet. If you were a "Mogul" user when you deleted your account, then you will need to use the same documents to pass KYC when you attempt it from your new account.

If your account was previously blocked due to abuse or malicious reasons, then you will not be able to circumvent the ban by deleting your account and creating a new one.
Will I be able to sign-up again using a different wallet?
Morpher has a strict policy limiting all natural persons to one account. You will not be able to create an additional account, even if you use the same KYC documents as for your previous account.

What happens to my tokens?
Your tokens will still remain in your wallet. Morpher is non-custodial, so we do not have access to your wallet, and it cannot be deleted. Please withdraw any tokens before deleting your account, to ensure that you retain useful ownership.

"I am locked out of my account" - What should you do if you're locked out of your account and would like it deleted?
If you're locked out of your account, and cannot initialize the account deletion process yourself, you can request a manual account deletion.
As part of the manual account deletion process, you will be instructed to answer several questions to prove you are the owner of the account. You account will only be deleted if we are certain that you are the rightful owner.

Please complete this form to request manual account deletion.
Please note, manual account deletions can take up to 4 weeks to process.

Updated on: 22/11/2023

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