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Funding Limits

There are daily, weekly, and monthly limits on purchases and withdrawals. These limits depend on your account level and can also vary by location.

Deposit & Purchase Limits

Deposit limits vary based on the method being used. Deposits are available to all user account levels on Morpher.
Fiat-based deposits using PayPal, Moonpay or Advcash are subject to the following limits:
Daily: $5,000 USD
Monthly: $50,000 USD

Crypto-based deposits using Morpher directly or Coinbase Commerce are subject to the following limits:
Yearly: $50,000 USD

If you want to deposit more than the limits above, please contact support about OTC transactions.

Fiat vs Crypto

The limits are set based on the way we we receive your deposit, not on the way you paid. For example, you can use a credit card to deposit through Coinbase, but we receive it as crypto and subject it those limits. On the other hand, you can deposit into your Advcash wallet using crypto, but can only send to us as USD so the fiat limits apply.

Withdrawal Limits

Please keep in mind that "Investor" users cannot manage an account with a value of over $300. In order to remove the withdrawal lock, you must complete KYC, which will allow you to manage a portfolio of any size.

Withdrawals are enabled at "Investor" level account, and come with the following limits:
Daily: 200,000 MPH
Monthly: 1 million MPH
Yearly: 5 million MPH

The withdrawal limits are designed to be much higher than the average deposit so most users will never run into them.

Global Blockchain Limit

There is also a daily withdrawal limit set in the Morpher protocol. This limit prevents more than several percent of the total token supply moving between chains in one day (from the Morpher Sidechain to the Ethereum mainnet). This limit is never expected to be reached and is set to prevent catastrophic protocol failures.

Updated on: 22/11/2023

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