There are daily, weekly, and monthly limits on purchases and withdrawals. These limits depend on your account tier and can also vary by location.

Deposit & Purchase Limits

Deposit limits vary based on the method being used. There are no limits when transferring MPH directly from another Ethereum wallet or crypto exchange. See Deposit Tokens in Funding Your Account to learn how to deposit MPH directly.

If depositing by credit card or PayPal, accounts are subject to the following limits:
Daily: $1000 USD
Weekly: $4000 USD
Yearly: $7500 USD

Credit card & PayPal deposits are only available to Tier 2 accounts or higher.

Withdrawal Limits

Withdrawals are enabled at Tier 3, and come with the following limits:
Daily: 200,000 MPH
Monthly: 1 million MPH

Global Blockchain Limit

There is also a daily withdrawal limit set in the Morpher protocol. This limit prevents more than several percent of the total token supply moving between chains in one day (from the Morpher Sidechain to the Ethereum mainnet). This limit is never expected to be reached and is set to prevent catastrophic protocol failures.
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