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Withdraw to Bank Account

This is a short guide on how to do fiat withdrawals. Transfer crypto funds from your Morpher account to a fiat bank account. While Morpher does not yet support bank withdrawals, you can use any major crypto exchange to turn MPH into euros or dollars. Leverage your Binance account to convert MPH to USD in just a few minutes.


Here's what you'll need to withdraw to your bank account
"Investor" account on Morpher
Balance of at least 100 MPH
Crypto exchange account (Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, KuCoin etc.)

The Process

While there are few steps, the overall process is simple: withdraw your funds to a crypto exchange, and then sell that crypto to move it to your bank account.

1. Get an exchange account

You'll need an account at a major crypto exchange. The exchange must support MATIC token on Polygon, luckily most exchanges already do.
Binance: Sign up
Coinbase: Sign up

Full list of exchanges that support Polygon can be found here.

2. Withdraw to an exchange

Follow our step-by-step article on withdrawing to exchanges.

You must select MATIC token as the withdrawal currency! MPH will not work.
When withdrawing on Morpher, set the Destination Address to your exchange wallet address for Polygon. This will withdraw crypto from Morpher and deposit it directly on the exchange.

To find the right destination address, check your exchange's crypto deposit guide.
Binance: How to Deposit Crypto
Coinbase: Send and receive crypto on multiple networks

Copy MATIC Polygon address

3. Convert to fiat and send to Bank

Now you have MATIC tokens in your exchange account. Last step is to sell the MATIC tokens for EUR or USD. This process is slightly different depending on the exchange.

Binance lets you sell crypto and cash out to a debit card or bank account. Visit this link to sell your MATIC tokens. Learn how to sell your MATIC tokens directly to your debit card here. Or you can sell first, and then learn how to withdraw EUR to your bank account here.

On Coinbase you can cash out by selling your MATIC token and then withdrawing with SEPA or other methods. Learn how to cash out from Coinbase in two easy steps here.

Updated on: 12/09/2023

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