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Withdraw to Bank Account

This is a short guide on how to do fiat withdrawals. Transfer crypto funds from your Morpher account to a fiat bank account. We have partnered with MoonPay to make this process fast and easy.

Beyond MoonPay, you can also use major crypto exchanges to turn crypto into euros or dollars. You can leverage your existing Binance or Coinbase account to convert MPH to USD in just a few minutes. Learn about withdrawing to crypto exchanges here.


Here's what you'll need to withdraw to your bank account
"Investor" account on Morpher
Balance of at least 100 MPH
MoonPay account (this can be created during withdrawal)

The Process

As long as your country is supported by MoonPay, you'll be able to withdraw to a Visa card or Bank account. Please check MoonPay's list of unsupported countries here, and the list of withdrawal methods here.

Withdrawn funds are usually processed within a few hours, although it can take up to two days in some cases.

Open the withdrawal pop-up window and choose “Moonpay Off-Ramp”.

Select the withdrawal currency.

The currency you select on Morpher can be later changed directly on Moonpay.

Follow the instructions provided by Moonpay.

Morpher will automatically convert and send your crypto funds to MoonPay for speedy processing.

Frequently Asked Questions


A withdrawal fee of 100 MPH (Morpher Token) will used to cover gas fees for MPH to MATIC conversion. MoonPay also charges a transaction fee, which varies based on the chosen payment method:
3.4% for Sell to Bank (minimum of €4)
4.5% for Sell to VIsa Card (minimum of €4)

You can find more information about MoonPay fees here. Please keep in mind that Morpher doesn't profit from any fees charged by MoonPay, and the 100 MPH base fee is used to cover the blockchain network gas fees.

Supported Withdrawal Methods:

Please refer to MoonPay's documentation here to learn more about the supported withdrawal methods. Users in the EU can withdraw to both bank accounts and Visa cards.

Is KYC required?

KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements vary depending on the country and the amount you are withdrawing. The KYC process is quite fast and most users are able to withdraw within minutes.

Supported Countries

For a list of MoonPay-supported countries, please refer to their documentation here.

If you live in an unsupported country, you can withdraw to a major crypto exchange instead (follow the steps here).

Supported Currencies:

MoonPay automatically converts to your local currency including EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, BRL, CHF, and TRY. The currency you select on Morpher (EUR or GBP) doesn't affect the final output currency. You can find the full list of MoonPay currencies here.

Updated on: 07/05/2024

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