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Morpher has upgraded its withdrawal process, by allowing users to send their funds directly to their Polygon or Ethereum wallet addresses. In the new withdrawals, users no longer need to burn their tokens, and then wait to collect their funds. Follow these steps to withdraw your funds in under 5 minutes.

Navigate to the funds page, and click on withdrawal
Enter amount you want to withdraw
Select a withdrawal method
Choose a destination address to send your funds
Verify your transaction
Sign/Confirm your transaction

You must be a "Investor" level user to withdraw. To become an "Investor" level user you must have deposited at least $50 worth of MPH.

Navigate to the funds page and click on the ‘withdrawal’ button

Deposit and Withdrawal icons

Choose the amount you want to withdraw

Withdrawal window

Select a withdrawal method
When initiating your withdrawal, you will be given the option to withdraw either on polygon chain or Ethereum chain.

Withdrawal method selection window

Choose destination address to send your funds to.
Dependent on the withdrawal method (network) you choose to deposit on, you can choose your destination address (Polygon/Ethereum wallet) .

Destination address selection window

Verify your transaction
In order to complete your transaction, you will be sent an OTP (one time password) to your email.

Withdrawal verification window

Sign/Confirm your transaction
The final step in completing your withdrawal is to confirm/sign your transaction; this step varies dependent on the wallet that you use:

Morpherwallet: To complete your transaction using Morpherwallet, all you got to do is click the ‘withdraw now’ button which will sign and transfer your tokens to your destination address.

Morpherwallet transaction confirmation

Fortmatic/Metamask: To complete your transaction using Fortmatic/Metamask; you have to navigate to your wallet, and sign the transaction, then send the tokens to your destination address

Fortmatic and Metamask transaction confirmation window

Withdrawal Fees

In order to withdraw your funds on Morpher, we charge a small fee that covers network fees to transfer and swap across blockchains.

Withdrawing on Polygon: 100MPH flat fee on each withdrawal

Withdrawing on Ethereum: Withdrawal fees on Ethereum vary in increments of 500MPH and are highly dependent on Ethereum gas fees. You can monitor ETH network fees here.

Converting to MATIC or ETH: When you withdraw in a currency other than MPH, there is an automatic conversion using Uniswap. Uniswap charges a 0.3% fee. Furthermore, the conversion may suffer from slight slippage (price deviation during swap). Learn more about Uniswap fees or slippage.

No additional ETH gas is needed for withdrawals. Network fees are automatically included in the total withdrawal

Updated on: 12/09/2023

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