The withdrawal process consists of four steps.

Buy Ethereum (ETH) & send to Morpher wallet
Withdraw MPH on Morpher
Swap MPH for ETH on Uniswap
Sell ETH for USD/EUR

You must be a Tier 3 user to withdraw. To become a Tier 3 user you must have deposited at least $10 worth of MPH.

1. Get Ethereum
In order to withdraw your MPH, you will need ETH (Ethereum cryptocurrency). Every blockchain transaction comes with fees, that are paid in ETH.

You'll need ETH to pay gas fees for:
Withdrawing MPH
Selling MPH (if you sell via Uniswap)
Sending ETH or Sending MPH
The transaction costs (gas fees) vary as traffic on the blockchain differs.

You can purchase Ethereum on different exchanges such as Binance, Bittrex, Coinbase, Kraken and many more. Click here to see exchanges available in your country.

How much ETH do I need?
Latest estimates are on the Add ETH page.
You may want to double the Sending ETH cost if you plan to send MPH to another wallet/exchange after withdrawing.
Any ETH you don't use can be sold back into dollars.

Transfer ETH to your Morpher wallet
Once you have purchased Ethereum, you have to transfer it to your Morpher Wallet (global account).
Click Send ETH to Morpher on the Add ETH page, it has your wallet address and a qr code for easy transfer.

2. Withdraw MPH
Navigate to your funds page on Morpher and click withdraw.
Read the instructions and click continue.
Now, enter the amount of MPH you wish to withdraw and press withdraw.
Carefully read the information and only click the boxes if you wish to withdraw and have ETH in your wallet.
Wait for the withdrawal process to be completed and press collect once it is done. Now, you will have to pay the transaction or gas fee for transferring the tokens from the side to the mainchain.

It can take up to 4 hours for your withdrawal to process on the mainchain. Please be patient.
Withdrawals cannot be canceled or reversed once you start. Make sure you want to withdraw your MPH and will spend ETH to get it.

How can I check if the withdrawal worked?
Once you have collected the tokens, reload the funds page. Your withdrawn tokens should appear under Global Crypto Account now.

3. Swap MPH on Uniswap
Navigate to Uniswap exchange (Use this link to directly swap MPH to ETH)
Connect the same wallet you have connected to Morpher.
Click Approve MPH. This lets Uniswap access your MPH funds. Approving access also costs ETH.
Enter the amount of MPH you wish to sell and click swap.

You also need a small amount of ETH in order to pay for transaction fees.

4. Sell ETH
You now have everything in ETH in your wallet. You can turn ETH into dollars/euros/crypto. Just go back to the same exchange where you bought Ethereum (Coinbase/Kraken/Binance) and sell your ETH.
In order to transfer the ETH in your wallet to the wallet on your exchange, navigate to the Website or Plug in of your provider and press send. Enter the amount of ETH you would like to transfer.

You also need a small amount of ETH in order to pay for transaction fees.

Selling on
MPH can also be bought and sold on instead of Uniswap.

To sell on, follow steps 1-2 above.
Generate a deposit address on
Transfer your withdrawn MPH to the address. (Easy transfer option in-app coming soon.)
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