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Withdraw to Exchanges (Binance & Coinbase)

Morpher supports multi-chain withdrawals, which makes it easy to move your funds from Morpher to an exchange wallet via Polygon or Ethereum. This means that you can withdraw your funds directly from Morpher in MATIC token. There are a number of cryptocurrency exchanges that support MATIC, including: Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin and Kraken. If you already have an account at one of these exchanges, converting your Morpher funds into fiat (dollars) is fast and easy.

While each exchange is slightly different, you can replicate the steps for Binance and Coinbase on other exchanges.

Learn how to withdraw in USD or EUR to your bank account here.

1. Find your MATIC Polygon address


Before you initiate the withdrawal in Morpher, we need to locate your Polygon wallet address in Binance.
Start by logging in to Binance, and going to your wallet overview, and then pressing Deposit. On the pop-up menu, select “Crypto Deposit”

Select crypto deposit on Binance

Next, under the Coin option, select MATIC Polygon, and under Network select MATIC Polygon.

If "MATIC Polygon" is not selected for both options, then your withdrawal will be sent to an unknown address.

Copy MATIC Polygon address

Copy or save the auto-generated address, you will need it in a next step.


You can find your Polygon wallet address on Coinbase by clicking on Transfer and selecting Receive.

Select Receive Crypto on Coinbase

From there you can pick Polygon MATIC token. Make sure that you are connected to the Polygon Network (not Ethereum).

Your Polygon wallet address on Coinbase

2. Withdraw from Morpher

Now we'll withdraw from Morpher by sending MATIC tokens directly to your exchange account. This step is the same for Binance, Coinbase, and other exchanges. Go back to Morpher, and navigate to the Funds page, and press Withdraw.

Withdraw from Morpher
You must select MATIC token as withdrawal currency! MPH will not work.

Click on Destination, and enter the address that you copied in the previous step from Binance or Coinbase. After entering your destination address, toggle the button which will ensure that exchanges will detect your transfer, and choose the exchange you would like to transfer your funds to.

Crypto exchange selection window for withdrawals

Double-check to make sure that all of the details of your transaction are correct, then press continue and complete the withdrawal. If you need additional guidance, see our support guide on Morpher withdrawals.

MATIC Withdrawal Preview

If you land on the screen below, please make sure to click on the correct option, and follow the steps, to withdraw your funds to the desired destination.

Destination address confirmation window

3. Sell MATIC for EUR or USD

If you followed these steps then you should shortly see a message confirming your withdrawal. Your funds should be available on Binance or Coinbase within a few minutes. Once your funds are in Binance, then you can easily exchange them for other cryptocurrency, or for fiat currency, or withdraw to your bank.


Binance lets you sell crypto and cash out to a debit card or bank account. Visit this link to sell your MATIC tokens.

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On Coinbase you can cash out by selling your MATIC token and then withdrawing with SEPA or other methods. Learn how to cash out from Coinbase in two easy steps here.

Updated on: 06/05/2024

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