There are a number of reasons why your withdrawals may be locked or restricted on Morpher. If you find that your withdrawals are disabled, there are a number of actions you can take to enable withdrawals, allowing you to freely move your tokens and funds to and from Morpher.

Withdrawals are unlocked for Tier 3 accounts. Learn more about Account Tiers.

Why are my withdrawals locked?

By default, if your account uses only tokens that are gained from the airdrop, your withdrawals will be disabled. The tokens (MPH) that you receive at registration (the airdrop), and any subsequent bonuses earned from referrals (referral bonuses), can be freely traded on Morpher and are meant to be used as a sign-up bonus, a start to your journey as a trader on Morpher. We want to encourage our users to trade, learn about the markets and finance, and get to know our platform before committing their own funds.

Learn more about the airdrop program here!

How to enable withdrawals?

There are several ways to enable withdrawals on your account, which will allow you to withdraw any amount of your tokens (including tokens earned during the airdrop).

1. Token Deposit
Depositing a total of $10 worth of MPH to your Morpher account/wallet will unlock withdrawals permanently. Once you've deposited you will immediately be able to withdraw and deposit any amount of token freely.

This will require you to buy MPH on an exchange, transfer it to your wallet, and deposit it from the mainchain to the sidechain.

2. Credit Card Direct Deposit
You can also buy MPH directly from us using a credit or debit card. The MPH you buy will automatically be deposited into your account. This is a good solution for users that want to avoid dealing with cryptocurrency exchanges, and/or wallet operations.

Not all countries and payment cards are accepted or supported. Go to the credit card deposit page to see if your country appears in the drop down list.

3. Paypal Deposit (after 185 days)
If you're not in a hurry to withdraw your funds, then you can deposit using Paypal and earn an additional 10% in tokens on your deposit. You will receive your tokens immediately, and withdrawals will be unlocked after 185 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum deposit amount?
Yes - the minimum purchase is $10 worth of MPH. The transaction fees will vary depending on which deposit method you choose, but the total MPH deposit amount has to be at least $10 worth across all deposit methods.

Are there deposit and withdrawal fees?
Yes - and it depends on the transaction method. There are two types of fees you need to consider; blockchain fees, and processing fees. Morpher doesn't charge fees, but payment processors, banks, and credit card issuers charge you fees - one way or another. Transacting on the Ethereum mainnet can also be costly, as each transaction - such as sending tokens from the sidechain to the mainchain - requires gas fees. Gas fees are a big part of Ethereum, and is what fuels it's network, and they constantly change depending on network demand. We understand that sometimes these fees can exceed your airdrop amount, however it is not something we can control.
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