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Morpher Rewards Program

The Morpher Referral Program is a reward program that offers Morpher users an opportunity to earn rewards of up to 100,000 MPH. In order to be eligible, you have to have been invited, or invite a friend to Morpher using your unique referral link, which you receive upon signing up onto the platform.

Referring users can only claim rewards when the users that they have referred deposit min. $50.

Simply go to your Rewards page to find your custom link.

Rewards page on the Morpher trading platform

Reward Variability

Morpher Referral Rewards are variable and range from 10 MPH to 100,000 MPH.
ProbabilityPayout MPH

How It Works:

Sign up on the platform.
Navigate to the Rewards page and copy your referral link.
Share your referral link with your friends.
Wait until the referred user has completed a deposit of min. $50.
Claim your prize on the rewards page.

Referred users must also deposit onto their account to receive their reward.

Reward claimed icon

If you haven’t done so already, you can customize your invite link to represent your name, brand, or social media handle. This lets you add a personal touch to your referral link.

Do I Get An Airdrop When I Sign Up?

Yes, the airdrop program is going to continue, so you start with 10 MPH when you sign up. However, you can get a bonus when you get invited and sign up through a referral link. Similar to the referral rewards, the token amount you receive will vary from 10 MPH to 100,000 MPH.


The following rules apply when you participate in the Morpher Rewards Program:
You must have an account on the platform.
Use your individual referral link to invite new users.

Your referral has to use your invite link when they sign up. Otherwise, you will not be eligible for a reward once they have deposited $50.

Claim Limits

“Novice” users can claim up to 10 rewards.
”Investor” users can claim up to 50 rewards.

"Novice" and "Investor" users are able to continue referring users once their limit has been reached. The rewards can be claimed once they level up to the next level, in accordance with the limitations of the level.

Moguls can claim an unlimited amount of rewards
You cannot receive more than 100,000 MPH in rewards in total. Users who have reached this limit do not qualify for further rewards from the Morpher Rewards Program.


Morpher Labs GmbH does not take any financial responsibility for the value of Morpher Tokens. Morpher does not guarantee the price of the tokens or your ability to convert tokens into fiat or other forms of currency.

The Morpher Token reward varies on a scale from 10 to 100,000 MPH. Rewards are allocated in the following manner: 50% of participants receive 10 MPH; 25% - 25 MPH; 12.5% - 50 MPH; 10% - 100 MPH; 1.839% - 500 MPH; 0.5% - 1,000 MPH; 0.1% - 5,000 MPH; 0.05% - 10,000 MPH; 0.01% - 50,000 MPH; 0.001% - 100,000 MPH. The participants whose total reward amount has reached 100,000 MPH are not eligible for further participation in the Referral Program. Morpher Labs GmbH does not determine the exact amount a user receives and cannot be held accountable for software malfunctioning affecting the distribution.

The Morpher Tokens distributed in connection with the airdrop and referral program are 'gifts' pursuant to § 938 of the Austrian General Civil Code and do not confer any rights, neither statutory nor contractual, on recipients. See Referral Program Terms and Conditions. The terms and rules are subject to change at any time at the discretion of Morpher Labs.

Updated on: 28/09/2023

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