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NFT Markets

NFTs are the ultimate collectible. Their scarcity and exclusivity contributes to their high prices. Like any high return investment, NFTs can also be high risk.

Luckily on Morpher you invest in the price movement of an entire collection - not just one artwork. Each NFT market is built to represent an entire collection, which usually contain over 10,000 individual artworks. For example, where more Bored Apes start selling at higher prices, the BAYC market price rises.

The best digital artworks, the NFTs that fetch the highest prices, are just too expensive to buy yourself. Morpher lets you invest in the best no matter the size of your bank account.

Invest in NFTs with $1, only on Morpher.

Trading NFTs

The benefits of trading on Morpher

Earn the best NFT returns by only investing in blue-chip crypto art collections.
Buy million dollar NFTs with $1. Invest without being limited by the size of your bank account.
Get exposure to an entire NFT collection. Avoid the risk of individual artworks becoming unpopular and losing value.
Trade 10,000+ artworks with one-click, it doesn't get easier.

How is the price determined?

The market price of NFT collections on Morpher is a variation of the popular “floor price”. The floor price is the price of the cheapest NFT artwork in a collection. Both the price, and which artwork is the cheapest, change over time. It’s a simple way to benchmark the changing value of an NFT collection.

Prices for NFT collections on Morpher are derived from a basket of the cheaper artworks. This creates a more robust price that is designed to follow the trend of the entire NFT collection. As interest in Bored Apes grows, the entire collection becomes more valuable, and the market price rises.

What about drops and exclusives?

Investing in NFT collections on Morpher does not support drops, exclusives, or other ownership perks.

Like all markets on Morpher, NFT collections are also virtual markets. This means you do not own the underlying NFT, but instead are rewarded based on the performance of your investment.

What are unique markets?

Uniques are high-growth, alternative assets that are only available on Morpher. Uniques let you invest in what you know and love - leveling the playing field for everyday investors. These markets are made possible with the Morpher Protocol, enabling us to turn any data into investable markets.

NFT collections are just one type of unique market, with many more assets to come.

What is the waiting time for trades?

Unique markets require one extra validation before trades execute. After placing your trade, we wait for the next price update. You do not have to take any additional steps, your trade will always execute automatically.

The expected wait time is less than one hour, but most trades should execute after several minutes. Sometimes, the wait time is longer on slow market days (Sundays). It can also take longer for exclusive NFTs like CryptoPunks, since these markets move less often.

For unique markets, you can cancel a trade even after submitting it. You have full control over your order until the price update arrives.

Keep in mind, wait time does not apply to stop loss or take profit. Once a stop loss or take profit hits the limit price, it executes without delay.

Can unique markets be shorted?

Sorry, short selling is not supported for unique markets right now. We are actively exploring making this possible in the near future. However, you can short sell every other type of market on Morpher. That includes stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, forex, and indices.

Do unique markets support leverage?

Leverage (magnifying your position 1.1-10x) is not currently available for unique markets right now. We are actively exploring making this possible in the near future.

Updated on: 25/01/2023

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