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Non-tradable Markets

Morpher provides a unique trading experience that empowers users to engage in a variety of markets, ranging from traditional financial instruments to unconventional, real-world items by using commodity prices.

What are Non-Tradable Markets?

Non-tradable markets on Morpher refer to commodity prices that are tracked on the platform, incorporating pricing data from around the globe. These items contribute to Morpher's custom indices, allowing users to gain insights and explore the dynamics of various unconventional markets such as the Pizza Index.

Users have the ability to:

Explore the Chart: Analyze the historical performance of non-tradable markets through interactive charts, enabling a deeper understanding of their price movements.

Add to Watchlist: Keep a close eye on your favorite non-tradable markets by adding them to your watchlist. This feature allows you stay updated on their latest developments.

Get Alerts: Receive alerts for significant events or changes in the non-tradable markets you are interested in, allowing you to stay informed.

Why Can't I Trade Non-Tradable Markets?

Data Quality Priority

Every market on Morpher demands the highest data quality at the millisecond level to ensure accurate and reliable trading experiences. While non-tradable markets offer valuable insights and contribute to custom indices, maintaining the same level of data quality for these non-standard markets is not our current priority.

While non-tradable markets are not available for active trading on Morpher at the moment, users can still leverage the platform to gain insights, set up alerts, and stay informed about components of the custom indices we have built.

If you are interested in trading non-tradable markets, please feel free to contact our support team, or submit it as a requested market on the search bar of the platform.

Updated on: 22/01/2024

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