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Positions in the Same Market

Opening and managing positions within the same market is common for both traders and investors, which is why it is important to understand how multiple positions work on Morpher.

At any given moment, you can only have one position in a market. While it is possible to place more than one order, multiple orders are combined into a single position which summarizes your exposure to the market.

When you enter an additional position in the market, your existing position will close, and the existing position value is added on to the new order, at the latest price. If the two trades use different levels of leverage, then a new weighted leverage is also calculated.

Position aggregation provides you with a net equal exposure, however it is strategically different from averaging down, or averaging up. This is important to take into consideration when trading with high levels of leverage.

The reason trades are processed in this way, is due to the protocol structure of Morpher's smart contracts, where each wallet address can only have a single position within the same market.

Updated on: 13/05/2021

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