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Requested Trades

If you go to the History page of your account, you may see some trades that are marked "Requested".

This means that you tried to place that trade, but the trade was never actually placed.

Requested trades are not open, and do not affect your balance or portfolio.

Why wasn't my trade placed ?

There are a number of possible explanations.

You experienced a brief connection timeout, or reset, during the confirmation process.
You failed to sign the trade / You failed to confirm the trade.
There was a problem with your wallet, which resulted in your trade not being confirmed.

What happens to requested trades ?

Trades that show up as requested in your history will never be placed. We keep a record of requested trades for you to review in case one of them happens, so that you know which trades are definitely active.

What should I do if a trade is requested ?

If you just tried to place a trade and something went wrong, resulting in the trade being categorized as "requested", you can try again. If the problem persists then you should log out and log back in again.

Updated on: 14/12/2020

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