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Why are Markets Paused?

If you happen to navigate to a market page where you see a message stating "Market Paused", it means that at this time you will not be able to open a new position or close an existing position.

We understand that this may be frustrating for users that want to manage their existing trade, or appropriate their funds to a new market. We hope that this page can help you understand exactly why this might occur, and what you can do about it.

What causes markets to pause?

Morpher relies on feeds that supply our protocol with real-time data from real-world financial markets. We use a number of different sources in order to make sure that we are able to provide our users with a real-time exposure to the markets that you must desire. We often try to get as close to the real source of the data as possible, whether it's going directly to a stock, crypto, or commodity exchange.

Unfortunately, interruptions in the data do occur. Sometimes trading is halted for a specific stock on an exchange, markets enter brief maintenance periods, and sometimes our own providers experience disturbances or bugs that affect the quality of prices coming in.

If our system detects that something is wrong with the incoming data (or it's missing altogether) we temporarily disable trading for that market by pausing it.

Why do you pause markets?

Reason 1: If the data coming in isn't accurate it can have adverse effects on the positions of every invested user. It could even result in the liquidations of positions that would not have otherwise been liquidated.

Reason 2: If our data stops updating, but the markets continue to trade it creates an unfair market place. For example:

If the market for Apple ($AAPL) stops updating, and we don't disable trading, someone would be able to check what the price is on another website, and be able to act on past prices on Morpher using current information. This would create an arbitrage opportunity capable of generating risk-free profits.

As we know from Morpher's Tokenomics , trading gains increase the token supply. This would increase the rate of inflation, affecting all MPH token holders.

How long are markets paused for?

Generally, not too long to make a substantial difference on your returns. We are constantly working on implementing additional backup and redundancy feeds for every market, and in many cases markets only get paused for a couple of moments before they automatically resume trading. In some cases markets may be paused for longer while our developers investigate the underlying issues.

What should you do if a market is paused when you need to trade?

We take our commitment to market access seriously. If you sustained losses as a result of an inability to trade due to a market pause you should immediately report it to our support team.

We will review your trading, activity, and login logs, and determine whether the market pause influenced your return profile in a negative way. To further help your claim and your case please include the following information with your e-mail:

The name of the market you tried to access
Your time zone or city where you are located
Time at which you accessed the market and tried to manage your position
Any additional screenshots that you can provide from the time of the incident

We will only review cases in which you were unable to manage existing positions, not open new ones.

Updated on: 21/03/2023

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