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Deposit Bonuses

Following the tier restructuring of September 2023, users can receive new benefits from their deposits. Users can now earn a reward for each net $100 deposited to their trading account.

How Deposit Bonuses Work

Our deposit bonuses are designed to provide you with additional trading capital when you make deposits to your Morpher account. Here's a quick breakdown of how they work:

For Every Net $100 Deposited: For every $100 that you deposit into your Morpher account, you will receive a bonus. This means that your deposit and withdrawal amount is taken into account when calculating whether or not you qualify for a bonus. The more you deposit, the more bonuses you can earn.

Bonus in Funds History: Once you qualify for a deposit bonus, it will typically appear in your Funds History after you navigate to the "Rewards Page" and claim your bonus.

Deposit Bonuses are not the same as Referral Rewards and will not subtract from the number of rewards you can claim (which depends on the rewards allowance for your Account Level).

How to Qualify for Deposit Bonuses

In order to qualify for a deposit bonus, users need to deposit at least $100 using one of the available deposit methods. You will receive a reward which can vary from 10 MPH to 100,000 MPH for each net $100 deposited on the platform.

Example: If you deposit $100, you will receive a reward bonus. If you decide to withdraw $10 in the future, you will need to deposit at least $110 in order to qualify for another deposit bonus.
$100 - $10 = $90
$90 + $110 = $200 => 2 Deposit Bonuses

Maximum cumulative reward amount per user is 100,000 MPH.

Tracking Your Bonuses

To keep track of your deposit bonuses, follow these steps:
Log in to Your Morpher Account: Access your Morpher account using your credentials.
Navigate to the Funds page: Find the Transaction History section on funds’ page. This is where you can view all your financial transactions, including bonuses.
View Your Bonuses: In the Transaction History, locate the bonuses you've earned through deposits. You'll see a clear record of the bonuses you've received, making it easy to monitor your progress.

Updated on: 17/01/2024

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