Market alerts provide live notifications when markets you care about are making big moves. To avoid spamming, there is a maximum of one alert per market per day. You can also set the exact threshold at which to be alerted in settings (market moving over 5/10/20%). When a market in your positions or watchlist passes this threshold (over the last 24 hours), you'll get a browser notification.

Supported Devices
All major desktop browsers are supported such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox. This includes Chrome on Android devices. Sadly, Apple's Safari browser is not yet supported. All browsers on iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) are also not supported.

How to Enable Market Alerts
Make sure you are not browsing using incognito or privacy mode. Browser notifications are not available in incognito.
Go to Settings
Scroll to Notifications
Click the toggle next to Market Alerts
You'll see a popup in your browser, click Allow
Congrats, alerts should now be enabled!
Customize your alert level, pick from 5/10/20%.

Recommend setting 10% or even 20% for avid crypto traders, as these markets tend to move much more than stocks/forex.
Brave Browser
Brave requires an extra step. You'll need to enable Google Services before we can send you browser notifications.
Complete steps 1-4 above
Go to Brave Privacy Settings. Open a new tab and enter

Find "Use Google services for push messaging", and click the toggle on
Click the Relaunch button (appears next to the toggle), or restart the browser manually

If the Settings toggle is disabled (not clickable), then notifications are not supported on your device/browser.
If clicking the Settings toggle does not work, your browser may be blocking notifications. Please consult your browser settings to allow notifications for (Google Chrome instructions).

Managing Multiple Devices
Browser notifications can be enabled on multiple devices. When you open Morpher on a new device, you'll be prompted to add notifications there. You can also turn them on/off for that device in Settings. Every device and browser with Market Alerts enabled will be listed in Settings under "Other devices with alerts".

Disabling Browser Alerts
Go to Settings
Scroll to Notifications
Turn off the toggle next to Market Alerts
If your settings show "Other devices with alerts", click "Disable On All Devices" to turn off for all other devices on your account.
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