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Metamask Mobile Gas Bug

The Metamask mobile app released on February 22nd, 2021 (v1.0.11) has introduced a bug that doesn't allow setting gas prices on sidechains. When Ethereum is very congested (high gas prices), you will run out of virtual Ethereum and not be able to trade on Morpher.

How to not run out of Virtual (Sidechain) ETH

1. Do not send ETH on Morpher Sidechain

Avoid sending ETH when you're connected to the Morpher Sidechain Network. If you send away your virtual ETH, it can take us over 24 hours to refill your virtual ETH balance. Keep in mind that ETH on sidechain has no real value and cannot be used on any other network.

2. Use desktop Metamask browser extension

This bug only affects the Metamask mobile app. Use Morpher on your computer with the Metamask browser extension instead.

3. Manually change gas price

You can manually set gas price to 1 for every Morpher transaction. Follow the video instructions below:

Updated on: 12/02/2024

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