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Inactive Account Deletion

To support our active traders, we periodically remove inactive accounts. Prior to account removal, you will get a 30 day email notice, followed by a 7 day email notice. You can reclaim your account at anytime before the deletion deadline by logging in.

Why was I marked for deletion?

Your account was marked for deletion because of inactivity. Providing high quality market data and instantaneous trade execution only makes sense for active investors, managing their own funds.

Do I get to keep my Morpher Wallet?

Morpher wallet was designed to be used with our trading app. Since it currently has no active integrations with other DApps, your Morpher wallet account will also be deleted. Please make sure to export your wallet if you plan to keep it. Metamask, Portis, and Fortmatic wallets are not affected.

What happens to my MPH tokens?

It looks like you had no personal funds invested, and your token balance came from our treasury. Upon account deletion, those Morpher tokens will no longer be available. Any MPH tokens you withdrew to mainnet Ethereum are yours to keep and are not affected. Learn more about withdrawals.

What if I started withdrawal but did not “collect”?

That means you did not complete withdrawal to mainnet Ethereum. We do not have a way to reverse withdrawals once they have been started. After account deletion those funds will be lost.

What do I need to do to keep my account?

The simplest action is to log in to your account. If you are having problems logging in with Fortmatic wallet, please contact Fortmatic Support. However, if you are not planning to use Morpher we recommend letting your account be deleted. Otherwise it may be scheduled for deletion again after another period of inactivity.

What about my personal data?

Any personal data associated with your account will be deleted. For regulatory compliance, your trading history and certain identifiable information may be stored in a separate, secure database. That information is only made available to regulatory authorities upon request.

Updated on: 14/03/2023

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